Casey Biegelsen is a Senior Vice President with George K. Baum & Company. She is a municipal finance industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in public finance, including specialized bond structures and application of new products. Ms. Biegelsen's career began as a software consultant performing structuring work and creating tailored computer programs focused on bond structuring for banks across the nation. After 12 years, she moved to the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority as the Manager of Financial Planning where she managed a bond portfolio of $1.6 billion. Ms. Biegelsen later worked at GKB as a First Vice President before moving to New York, NY, where she spent 10 years with two Wall Street firms.

Ms. Biegelsen has capitalized on her education in mathematics, using these skills to create complicated, multi-indenture client cash flows and structuring work, making her uniquely equipped to identify opportunities and needs within client financial profiles. She has worked with HFA clients across the country including Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Michigan and Ohio. Ms. Biegelsen holds both a BA in Mathematics and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

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