Karolyn Cline is a Vice President at George K. Baum & Company in Kansas City, MO. Ms. Cline has over 28 years of experience in post-issuance compliance services, primarily arbitrage rebate and yield restriction analysis. She is responsible for Arbitrage Rebate Compliance Services at GKB. Her responsibilities include analyzing bond documents, coordinating engagements with clients, preparing and reviewing computations. She also has 17 years of experience in quantitative analysis for various types of financings, ranging from general obligation bonds, lease revenue bonds, special obligation bonds to the more complex variable rate bonds and Build America Bonds. She has provided investment banking services to fire protection districts, library districts, neighborhood improvement districts, cities and counties in the State Missouri.

Prior to her role in public finance, Ms. Cline spent 11 years as a Project Manager for a financial services firm where she prepared and oversaw the arbitrage rebate analyses and consultation services for approximately 250 annual calculations.

Her specialized knowledge of the Treasury Regulations and the Internal Revenue Code assists GKB’s bankers in optimally structuring financings, especially in the area of refundings. She continues to provide arbitrage rebate services for a number of issuers.

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