In March of 2015, Leon Johnson joined George K. Baum & Company's Texas Public Finance office as a Senior Vice President. With a career spanning more than four decades, Mr. Johnson's extensive background in marketing, along with his unique experience with political subdivisions throughout Texas, provide a wealth of real-world knowledge to his George K. Baum & Company clients. His expertise in working for some of the largest municipal advisory firms in the state, in addition to his industry wisdom from owning and operating a successful independent municipal advisory firm, allows Mr. Johnson to provide his clients with the help and problem-solving capabilities they need and deserve.

Mr. Johnson majored in Marketing at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, graduating with a BBA degree. Soon after graduation, he accepted a position with Procter & Gamble. While there, he handled retail and wholesale accounts, designed and executed surveys for new products to be distributed into major retail platforms, participated in test markets for new brands, and worked with retailers to maximize store sales.

After his tenure with Procter & Gamble, and a two-year term with Johnson & Johnson gaining useful experience in related fields, Mr. Johnson agreed to join the municipal advisory firm of Noel Johnson & Associates, Inc. He specialized in working with political subdivisions of Texas, with an emphasis on Texas public schools, to provide funding for capital projects.

For the next 18 years, Mr. Johnson helped develop Noel Johnson & Associates, Inc., as well as its successor company, Leon Johnson & Associates, Inc., into premier municipal advisory firms working with issuers including schools, cities, counties and special districts.

In 1990, Mr. Johnson joined First Southwest Company and moved his practice onto their platform. He coordinated company efforts with Texas public schools and handled shows and conventions involving schools and counties.

Following the sale of First Southwest Company, Mr. Johnson then accepted a position with Southwest Securities, a financial holdings firm located in Dallas, TX. At Southwest Securities, Mr. Johnson helped reorganize and develop their public finance department—he coordinated shows, conventions, receptions, advertising and special events.

Mr. Johnson is a past member and chairman of the board of the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas—an industry association owned by investment banking firms throughout Texas. He is a long-time member of the Texas bond community and one of the few members of the Texas Financial Industry involved in the Senate hearings on the original Edgewood ISD case (which was the beginning of the Texas Legislature to reform school funding in Texas).

Mr. Johnson serves as a resource person for several college professors—he regularly addresses doctoral classes on the subject of finance for schools and universities in the state of Texas. Mr. Johnson is also a frequent lecturer for the Superintendents Certification Program at the University of North Texas.

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