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George K. Baum & Company's Utah Public Finance office has been delivering financing solutions and capital to Utah issuers since 1985. Throughout this 29-year history in the state of Utah, our team has delivered more than $23 billion in capital to Utah issuers on more than 900 transactions. George K. Baum & Company's experience in the state of Utah empowers the successful results that we deliver to our clients. Whether serving as underwriter or municipal advisor, our professionals deliver a comprehensive array of financing services to our valued Utah clients, both large and small.

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Our Utah Municipal Finance Group provides a wide range of value-added services to our clients.
These services include, but are not limited to, the following:


George K. Baum & Company is one of the nation's leading Underwriters of municipal bonds. Over our 86-year history, we have served as Underwriter to the entire spectrum of municipal issuers. Our success is measured by the results we deliver and the continuing relationships we maintain with our valued clients. Our experience and marketing abilities enable our clients to obtain some of the lowest borrowing costs and beneficial terms available in today's markets.


The synergy of local expertise and national resources is unique to George K. Baum & Company and is the foundation of why more and more issuers are moving their financial advisory business to George K. Baum & Company. Our financial advisory services are significantly complimented by our underwriting experience and resources. As a national top Underwriter and full-service municipal investment banking Firm that actively underwrites and trades municipal bonds, George K. Baum & Company has a vast cache of resources that empowers our financial advisory services. These resources assist us in analyzing all of our clients' outstanding bonds for refunding opportunities, monitoring market conditions to guide the timing of our clients' bond sales, interpreting the market to identify the most effective structures and sale methods for our clients' bonds, and making other critical decisions on behalf of our clients.


George K. Baum & Company is driven to deliver capital to our clients at the lowest possible cost with the best terms available. Our experience and market knowledge empower our abilities to identify the optimal sources for our clients' capital, including direct placements with banking institutions. We maintain a vast database of bank purchasers and have developed sophisticated cost/benefit analyses to assist our clients in determining the optimal source for their capital. We regularly implement a "dual track" financing process where we assemble credit packages for bank purchasers while also seeking credit analysis from rating agencies to determine the optimal source of capital for our clients.


George K. Baum & Company has advised its clients on more than 400 interest rate swap transactions totaling more than $10 billion. Our Specialty Financial Products Desk works closely with our team and the client to implement an interest rate swap strategy that meets the financial needs of our clients.


With direct input from our client, George K. Baum & Company utilizes its proprietary financial models that forecast and stress-test the client's future financial viability after incurring new or refinancing existing debt. The financial modeling process assists the client in developing parameters around a prudent level of debt capacity. The model is an interactive tool that can be adjusted and changed in real time, allowing for informed and efficient decisions. It also serves as the basis for conveying our client's current and future financial performance to potential financing partners.


George K. Baum & Company is at the leading edge of quantitative analysis for municipal financings. Our commitment to quantitative analysis led to the formation of a specialized Quantitative Finance Group whose sole responsibility is to develop and implement functional and analytical tools for our clients. Our quantitative professionals do not rely on any outside resources. All of the work performed for our clients is done in-house. Our quantitative professionals specialize in performing a variety of important tasks, including:

• Bond Structuring
• Refunding Modeling
• Pro Forma Analysis
• Escrow Restructurings
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Tax Law Analysis


George K. Baum & Company assists our clients in developing their capital improvement plans. Our involvement early in the planning process ensures that our clients achieve success with their projects. Once these projects have been planned and properly vetted in tandem with our clients' needs, we then guide them through the financing process. We assist our clients with all varieties of debt financing for acquiring, expanding and/or building new facilities.


George K. Baum & Company has developed proprietary methodologies for working with rating agencies to secure first time or renew ratings for our borrowers. Our professionals have assisted hundreds of clients obtain credit ratings. Our approach in development of each credit rating package has proven successful, and has often exceeded the expectations of the rating agencies and banks.


George K. Baum & Company's professionals are nationally known for monitoring refunding opportunities for our clients. We maintain proprietary databases and financial models that assist our clients in identifing and executing refunding transactions. We have a keen understanding of local and federal regulations pertaining to refundings. Our refunding analyses have led to multiple savings opportunities for our clients and their patrons.


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The above list is a representative client list of George K. Baum & Company. The names on this list are not to be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of George K. Baum & Company's Services. George K. Baum & Company has worked with the schools on this list or the foundations that serve them to manage and/or underwrite bond financings.

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