Healthcare Finance


George K. Baum & Company has a wealth of experience working with hospitals and research institutes across the country. Since 2000, George K. Baum & Company has provided underwriting and municipal advisory services on healthcare transactions totaling more than $5.6 billion. 

George K. Baum & Company's healthcare finance practice has broadened beyond underwriting bond issues. Due to difficulties in the healthcare industry and the relatively complex financial operations of healthcare borrowers, we realize the need to become more involved in strategies and capital planning well in advance of actually issuing bonds. 

Recent Transactions:

Clients A-K

Alaska Municipal Bond Bank, AK
Arizona Health Facilities Authority, AZ
Arkansas City Public Building Commission, KS
Aspen Valley Hospital District, CO
Bates County, MO
Cameron Industrial Development Authority, MO 
Clinton County, OH
Colorado Health Facilities Authority, CO
Colorado State Department of Human Services, CO
Colquitt County Hospital Authority, GA
Comanche County, KS
Converse County, WY
Corcoran Hospital District, CA
Delta County Memorial Hospital District, CO
Denver Health and Hospital Authority, CO
Garfield County, CO
Gila County Industrial Development Authority, CO 
Grand Prairie Housing Finance Authority, TX 
Grand River Hospital Distirct, CO 
Greene County Port Authority, OH 
Haxtun Hospital District, CO 
Henderson City, KY
Herkimer County Industrial Development Agency, NY
Hickory Chase Community Authority, OH
Hodgeman County, KS
Illinois Finance Authority, IL
Illinois Health Facilities Authority, IL
Jackson County, MO
Kansas Development Fin Authority, KS
Kearny County, KS
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK
Klamath Falls Intercomm Hospital Authority, OR
Knox County Health Ed & Housing Facilities Board,TN

Clients L-Z

West Park Hospital District, WV
West Virginia Hospital Fin Authority, WV
Wisconsin Health and Ed Facilities Authority, WI
Lyons Co Public Building Commission, KS 
Marion County Hospital Dt #1, KS 
Massachusetts Development Finance Agency, MA 
Massachusetts Health & Ed Facilities Authority, MA 
Mendocino Coastal Health Care District, CA
Mesa County, CO
Missouri Health & Ed Facilities Authority, MO
Missouri Housing Development Commission, MO 
Murray City, UT
Nevada City, MO
New Hampshire Health & Ed Facilities Authority, NH 
New Mexico Hospital Equipment Loan, NM 
New Mexico State University Regents, NM 
NYC Industrial Development Agency, NY
NYS Dorm Authority, NY
NYS Housing Finance-Mortgage Agency, NY 
Oklahoma Development Finance Authority, OK 
Oklahoma Industrial Authority, OK 
Orange County Health Facilities Authority, CA 
Rangely Hospital District, CO
Riverton City, UT
Russell County, KS
Salt Lake County, UT
Sedgwick County, KS
Seward County, KS
Sierra Kings Health District, CA
Stillwater Medical Center Authority, OK
Sweetwater County, WY
Teton County Hospital District, WY
Thompson Valley Health Service District, CO
University of Missouri Curators, MO
University of New Mexico Regents, NM
Utah County, UT Weber County, UT
Healthcare Issuer Clients


Acute Care Senior Housing Specialty
Multi/Single State Health
Nursing Home Facilities
Physician Groups Sytems
Assisted Living Facilities
Research Facilities
Academic Medical Facilities
Continuing Care Retirement Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facilities
Children's Hospitals Communities Centers
Community Hospitals
Mental Health Treatment Centers
Small & Rural Hospitals 
Outpatient Treatment Centers
Development Disability Treatment Centers
Our Value-Added Services

Whether engaged as a municipal advisor or as an underwriter, our integrated and interactive approach to investment banking provides the best results for our clients and exemplifies our commitment to healthcare issuers.

George K. Baum & Company is prepared to help you develop a strategic plan, with special focus on capital needs. We are prepared to perform an analysis of your financial and credit profile. This will aid us in determining your debt capacity, which is crucial in developing a successful long-term capital finance plan. We will work closely with you to assess your ability to generate capital, redeploy assets in a beneficial manner, restructure debt to achieve an optimum debt structure and issue new debt to the extent necessary.



Our Healthcare Finance professionals provide a wide range of services to our clients.
These services include, but are not limited to, the following:


George K. Baum & Company is one of the nation's leading underwriters of municipal bonds. Our decades of experience, combined with the frequency in which we bring bond issues to market, helps our clients obtain competitive borrowing costs and some of the most attractive terms available in the market.


The synergy of local expertise and national resources is unique to George K. Baum & Company and is the foundation of our municipal advisory business. These services are significantly complemented by our underwriting experience developed while working on other transactions. It is vital for a municipal advisor to be in-step with the market. We believe that to be an effective municipal advisor for a client, a firm must maintain an active underwriting presence on other transactions. Our underwriting experience allows us to analyze all of our clients' outstanding bonds for refunding opportunities, monitor market conditions to guide the timing of our clients' bond sales and interpret market activity. This underwriting experience allows us to identify the most effective structures and sale methods available for our clients' bonds and to make other informed recommendations to our clients when engaged as a municipal advisor.


In assessing a client's financing options, we detail the pros, cons and risks of direct placement financings or debt issuances sold in the public markets based on the competitive nature of the proposals and a client's own credit rating. George K. Baum & Company has a frequent presence pricing bonds in the primary market and in the arrangement of direct purchases. This experience enables our clients to obtain some of the lowest borrowing costs and most attractive terms available.


George K. Baum & Company has developed a unique "dual track" financing process to assist clients in determining the most appropriate financing structure for their offering. The dual track includes distributing a credit package to banks and rating agency(ies) for their review as part of the client's Request for Proposal ("RFP") process. George K. Baum & Company orchestrates the RFP and rating processes and prepares a comprehensive summary analysis to simplify the decision-making process. The dual track RFP process often yields extraordinary results for our clients because banks are put in a competitive situation.


With direct input from the client, George K. Baum & Company utilizes its proprietary financial models that forecast and stress-test the client's future financial viability after incurring new, or refinancing existing, debt. The financial modeling process assists the client in developing parameters around a prudent level of debt capacity. The model is an interactive tool that can be adjusted and changed in real time, allowing for informed and efficient decisions. It also serves as the basis for conveying the client's current and future financial performance to potential financing partners.


George K. Baum & Company has one of the largest and most diverse housing finance practices in the nation. Our team of bankers, quantitative analysts and underwriting/syndicate specialists work with state and local housing finance agencies to assess their needs and those of the communities they serve and develop product and finance solutions tailored to fit them.


George K. Baum & Company has been involved in the evaluation, structuring, underwriting and distribution of private activity bonds since the 1960s. We are familiar with the credit practices of banks that issue letters of credit and are able to provide appropriate recommendations on coverage requirements, reserve funds, additional bonds tests, capitalized interest and pricing structures needed to sell the bonds at the least cost.


George K. Baum & Company is at the leading edge of quantitative analysis for municipal financings. Our commitment to quantitative analysis led to the formation of a specialized quantitative finance group whose sole responsibility is to develop and implement functional and analytical tools for our clients. Our quantitative professionals do not rely on any outside resources. All of the work performed for our clients is done in-house. Our significant experience in the area of debt structuring includes all aspects of refunding and cash flow modeling, such as crossovers, invested sinking funds and transferred proceeds. Our quantitative professionals specialize in performing a variety of important tasks, including;

• Bond Structuring
• Refunding Calculations & Innovations
• Pro Forma Analysis
• Escrow Restructurings
• Cash Flow Analysis


George K. Baum & Company assists our clients with a wide variety of debt financing for acquiring or expanding existing facilities or building new ones using publicly issued bonds or direct purchases. Our expertise in both the public markets and the direct purchase markets enables our clients to analyze the full range of financing possibilities.


George K. Baum & Company has developed proprietary methodologies for working with rating agencies to secure first-time, or obtain renewed, ratings for our borrowers. George K. Baum & Company devotes extensive resources to the development of each credit package with the intention of exceeding the expectations of the client and rating agencies.


George K. Baum & Company assists our clients by taking advantage of market opportunities to refinance or restructure existing debt. Cash flow savings from reduced annual debt service can improve operating budget flexibility and be reinvested by our clients.


George K. Baum & Company has advised its clients on more than 400 interest rate swap transactions totaling more than $10 billion. Our Specialty Financial Products Desk works closely with our team and clients to implement an interest rate swap strategy that meets the financial needs of those clients.


George K. Baum & Company's commitment to the municipalities of Kansas and Missouri does not end in the primary market. Investors know we are committed to supporting their bonds in the secondary market, and this significantly enhances our ability to place bonds as part of a primary offering. In the past 10 years, we have traded more than $34 billion of municipal bonds in the secondary market, including $4.6 billion of Kansas and Missouri securities.


Our work in the Midwest has included bond issues to fund restoration of state capitol buildings, improvements to highways and turnpikes, structuring and implementation of clean water/wastewater revolving fund, and numerous healthcare and higher education financings.