Public Policy Financing

Public Policy

George K. Baum & Company provides public policy services to school districts, municipalities, counties, community colleges, park districts, library districts and other special districts throughout the nation. George K. Baum & Company has established a strong track record of success in some of the toughest tax-sensitive communities in the nation. Our Public Policy Group has overcome many obstacles, such as the necessity for a super-majority vote in certain states. Since 1990, our Firm has been involved with more than 600 successful tax-related referenda.

George K. Baum & Company has been involved with hundreds of successful bond elections and other tax-related referenda. Paul Hanley, a Senior Vice President within the Firm's Municipal Finance Division, coordinates a team of seasoned public policy, communications and public opinion research professionals who are uniquely experienced in helping public entities implement comprehensive public outreach programs and precisely defining what taxpayers may—and may not—support when it comes to ballot measures to fund capital improvements and/or operating needs.

Our Public Policy professionals provide a wide range of services to our clients.
These services include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Public Policy Training
  • Public Outreach Programs
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Public Policy Timelines & Budgets
  • Community Task Force Facilitation