Taxable Fixed Income

The Taxable Fixed Income team at George K. Baum & Company provides direct access to the institutional markets for our customers. The annual sales volume of the division averages more than $10 billion.

Products handled by the team include Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds, corporate securities and federal agency and non-agency securities such as new issues, mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities and collateralized mortgage obligations.

Our Taxable Fixed Income professionals average 25 years of experience, working with clients who value personal service and relevant products at the best prices. We offer information about, and assistance with, specific client diversification techniques, swap opportunities, security analysis and, above all, safety and liquidity strategies for portfolios.

With the complexities of today's markets and the variety of securities available, the knowledge of our investment professionals in the specific needs of our clients is an essential factor in managing a successful portfolio.

Our professionals don't push a "product of the day," or the latest fad. We learn about a product, verify its fit with our clients' needs, educate our clients about it and, if appropriate, execute a trade at the best price available.

Some of our professionals have become so well-versed on products that they have conducted seminars for securities regulators and examiners. Knowledge is power, and our desire is for every client to be as powerful as he or she can be in today's rapidly changing marketplace.