Specialty Financial Products Desk

The Specialty Financial Products Desk at George K. Baum & Company is responsible for pricing and underwriting variable-rate demand bonds and short-term notes, managing the variable-rate remarketing portfolio, managing the Firm's interest rate swap business, handling the reinvestment of bond proceeds, and managing GKB Mortgage Markets' mortgage pipelines for the Firm's housing finance agency clients.

The Specialty Financial Products Desk

George K. Baum & Company has underwritten more than $12 billion in taxable and tax-exempt variable-rate demand bonds, tax-exempt commercial paper and short-term notes. We have long-standing relationships with all national and major regional tax-exempt and taxable money market funds. Our depth of experience, knowledge of the market and account relationships all contribute to strong pricing for our issuer clients. We work closely with our banking team to communicate market dynamics and provide timely information for our clients.

George K. Baum & Company has extensive experience in the interest rate swap market and has assisted hundreds of clients, including municipalities and other governmental entities, housing finance agencies, airport and toll-road issuers, as well as nonprofit borrowers in the education and healthcare sectors in executing a variety of interest rate derivative products. GKB has first-hand experience with interest rate swaps, swaptions, cancelable swaps, caps, floors, swap terminations, novations and restructurings. We have assisted clients in executing more than $10 billion in notional amount.

With the launch of GKB Mortgage Markets in 2012, GKB manages mortgage pipelines for the Firm's housing finance agency clients. With the Specialty Financial Products Desk's expertise in alternative financing structures, market dynamics and client-focused execution, it can assist the Firm's clients by managing the mortgage pipeline commitments on behalf of the client or by advising the Firm's clients in managing the pipelines themselves. Services include loan pricing, hedging and execution analysis.

Tender Option Bond Trust Administrator and Remarketing Program

In an effort to provide greater service to our institutional clients, George K. Baum & Company recently launched the Tender Option Bond Trust Administrator and Remarketing Program. GKB plans to become a leader in the TOB market by leveraging the expertise of our Specialty Financial Products Desk. We will continue to deliver our highest level of service and support to our clients in deal transactions, reporting, responsiveness and market insight.