The Firm's business and reputation has been built over 90 years of dedication to keeping the interests of our clients first, and conducting our business ethically and within all of the rules and regulations that govern our industry. This commitment is summarized in our Guiding Principles. Our reputation for integrity, fair dealing, and "doing the right thing" is the cornerstone and primary building block of our success as a firm and as individuals serving our clients.


To create enduring value for our clients, our people and our shareholders.

  1. Client First: Client service is our first priority and is defined by our ability to anticipate and exceed our clients' needs and expectations. By placing our clients' interests first, we will ensure our own success.
  2. Growth & Opportunity: Achieving a superior return on our capital is the key to growing our businesses and providing the best opportunities and rewards for our people.
  3. People: Our long-term success is dependent upon our ability to retain and attract the best people who share our competitive spirit, commitment to excellence and passion to succeed.
  4. Uncompromising Standards: The pre-eminent reputation and integrity of the Firm are paramount in our ability to serve our clients. We will maintain the highest ethical standards, both personally and professionally.
  5. Teamwork: Our clients are served best when we combine our collective talents and individual creativity. This teamwork and our ability to effectively leverage these talents are based upon an environment of mutual trust, respect and open communication. We expect our people to serve the interests of our clients and the Firm ahead of their own personal interests.
  6. Balance: We recognize the importance of enabling our team members to balance the rewards and challenges of their personal and professional lives.